Oppo A15S – Affordable High End smartphone

The Oppo A15S is a low-cost entry-level smartphone which packs a ton of powerful features in a small package. It is ideal for students, travelers, people on the go, and social media enthusiasts. If you are considering buying an Oppo A15s or any smartphone in general, read this article to find out more about this affordable smartphone and its features. With features like Dual Shot and Moxibustion imaging, the Oppo A15S is definitely a step above your regular smartphone. Find out how to buy Oppo A15s online.

The Oppo A15s has an eight megapixel primary oppo a15s camera along with an eight megapixel rear camera. This is a good feature if you are looking for high quality photos. Despite having two cameras, the A15S still has a compact size. This smartphone has an integrated microSD card which supports the expandable capacity of the secondary camera.

The Oppo A15s has a quad-core Mediatek Helio P35 chipset along with a four gigabyte RAM. This chipset is one of the latest available in the market. The chipset is paired up with an eight mega-pixel primary camera and a six mega-pixel rear camera. This camera is one of the most advanced among smartphone smartphones.

Apart from the advanced camera, the Oppo A15s price is quite reasonably. The phone comes with a price tag of around $400 for the basic model and it is expected that the customized A series will push the price even higher. If you do not mind paying a few hundred dollars more for the A series, the unlocked handset with a quad-core processor, four mega-ixels front and rear cameras and a 4230mah battery will work out to be the most cost effective deal.

The Oppo A15S offers some great features in comparison to its peers. It comes with a well-designed design, high-end technology inside and out and an impressive array of features. The text messages support for Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, etc are unique. It also comes with Google Maps which is commendable. It offers fast internet access and has no problem connecting to wireless networks like VerizonFederate, AT&T and others.

This smartphone from Oppo looks and feels nice to use. You can navigate between home screen, menu, settings and add/edit contacts easily. The keyboard also has a nice layout which makes it easy to type text messages. This smartphone is an amazing bargain and can be considered as a must have gadget for all Indians. It is just about the right price to pay for these features and performance.